Today: Record Store Day - Love Me Like There's Now Tomorrow

Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow’ is released today, July 17th, on 7” pink vinyl for the first time and backed with a previously unreleased instrumental version of the same track for Record Store Day 2021,

‘Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow’ is taken from the 2019 ‘special edition’ of the “Mr Bad Guy” album (originally released in 1985) in which sound team Justin Shirley-Smith, Joshua J Macrae and Kris Fredriksson took the very best original source material available. They went back not to previously remastered and mixed tapes, but to the original source multi-track tapes, so that they could build a new mix true to Freddie’s original versions, now taking advantage of the time, resources and technology that Freddie may not have originally had available to him in the 1980s. All offer ultimate quality, first generation vocals showing off Freddie’s incredible vocal range.