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Sun for Christmas and so far we have had sun, snow and winds here in CZ this Easter. The weather patterns are definitely changing. It has been a quiet week for me which is just as well as there are a couple of things this week that won’t exactly be fun, but hey, that’s life. I’m really digging into the past with these questions, it should be interesting.


So, after what seems like ages, I have re-appeared from what has been an emotional couple of months for me, never mind the frustrations of very intermittent internet. Moving house doesn’t help either. There have been some highlights, one of which was spending many days talking to school children in the Czech Republic, more that 1,500 of them, raising awareness of HIV/AIDS. The teachers were very appreciative and the students, aged 13-18 had some very insightful questions. So, here goes.


Oh well, New Year has come and gone and already the end of January is beckoning. Weather here in Czech Republic is strange. Normally the ground is covered in snow and hard with temperatures hovering around 0 C or under, but yesterday full sunshine and 14C!


I can’t believe that I have responded to about 800 questions so far. I know I never dreamed there would be so many, and that still leaves so many unanswered. I’m sorry if many of you are still waiting for a reply, but thank you for your patience, there are still far more than 800 waiting.


Note to myself………. Stop visiting friends until after the New Year. I don’t know about where you are in the world, but here in the Czech Republic, kitchens are full of the smells of baking for most of December, where a large variety of small sweet biscuits, ‘cukrovi’ are made in huge amounts, to be consumed at a grand rate of knots. Every time someone visits, it’s ‘please come in, sit down. Coffee?’ and they are presented with a large plate of ‘cukrovi!’ Not good for diet or diabetes! A small change to the blog today; I have had a lot of questions regarding Christmas at Garden Lodge, so I will answer some normal questions and then give you a description of December a la Freddie at home.