Time Waits For No One Quotes

Following the release of Freddie's new single 'Time Waits For No One' last week, please find just 10 of our favourite quotes made by fans from across the world. The response to the track has been not only phenomenal but incredibly touching. 

Time Waits For No One is available to stream and download here.

1. "Just one piano and the greatest voice ever. That's all it takes."

2. Elvis Presley: “I will be remembered decades after my death.”

Freddie Mercury "Hold my beer.”

3. "This is, by far, the best summer song of 2019."

4. "Just when you think you've already seen the best of Freddie, this comes out. Absolutely stunning. This is on a level all on its own. There may never be a better voice."

5. "I never thought I would listen to this the whole way through, but I can see why people admired this man now. Thank you for uploading this. It helped me put some things into perspective."

6. "Thank you, Freddie, for saving the Music Industry in 2019, darling."

7. "To all of those would be 'music icons' out there; sit down, watch this and take notes. Freddie was a master of his craft."

8. "Who else had goosebumps while listening to this song? This man just won’t die. What a legend!"

9. "My generation finally gets to see a newly-released Freddie video!"

10. "This is the most "Freddie Mercury" moment I’ve ever seen."