"THANK YOU"...and "HELLO!"

Just a quick note of THANKS really...
Since the Bohemian Rhapsody movie exploded across the world, we have been inundated with support, extra likes on our socials, donations and lots of lovely emails with offers to fundraise and how people were only just discovering The MPT...it has been some encouraging!
We have also noted that the sales of tickets for the Freddie Birthday party have been off the hook! We will be sold out in a month or so at this rate!
So this is a MASSIVE "THANK YOU!" for all our long-time supporters and a MASSIVE "HELLO!" to all our new friends!
If you are coming along to the party in Montreux on September 7th and you have not met any of us yet, we insist that you come over and say "Hi!'", meeting new MPT supporters face to face really is one of OUR highlights of the weekend!
We love you all so very much!
Team MPT
Claudia, Vicky, Emma, Nick, Jan, Maureen, and Pete.

Full details and tickets for the Freddie Mercury Birthday Party can be found HERE.