'Man From Manhattan' LP Box Set Released Today

"If this is not a hit dear, sue Warner Bros!" Freddie Mercury

Eddie Howell – Man From Manhattan LP Special edition vinyl box set – Out Now!

Freddie and Brian famously worked and played on the title track from 1976.

Freddie produced the lead track, played piano, and sang vocals with Brian contributing on guitar. Other tracks in the box set feature guest appearances from Gary Moore, Phil Collins and Brand X . This very special box set also contains photos, a story about the sessions, a poster and a plectrum.

The LP is available through all major retailers and shops globally, with the first 5000 pressed on white 180g heavyweight vinyl.

For full details and to order go to  https://themanfrommanhattan.com


As part of the promotion for his 'Man From Manhattan' vinyl box set, Eddie Howell has kindly offered to auction a painting of himself and Freddie Mercury by Bolivian artist Andrea Terceros Barron in aid of the MPT.

Thanks, Eddie!

Bid now @ https://themanfrommanhattan.com/auction/