13 Songs That Defined Freddie's Solo Career

With his restless creative spirit, Freddie Mercury continually sought new avenues of expression. He conquered the world with Queen, penning timeless rock anthems that continue to find new audiences around the world. It’s no surprise, however, that Mercury’s artistic ambitions led him to explore other styles of music. Having filled stadiums around the world with Queen, when it came to his own solo work, Mercury was sometimes more reflective than the frontman persona would have had fans believe. Across his two solo albums, Mr Bad Guy and Barcelona, he explored deeper emotional territory, while also broadening his musical horizons, taking in everything from contemporary dance music to opera and turning those influences into something unique to his own vision. Freddie Mercury’s solo singles trace a creative arc every bit as daring as the one he followed with Queen. Together, these 13 songs define the man behind the persona.

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