Blog 87

I’m getting back into the ‘Ask Phoebe’ saddle again! Let me explain a bit about my absence from the blog for the last year.

I had an uncomfortable start to 2017. There were a couple of niggling little health problems I had to deal with which prevented me from both travelling and also any heavy lifting. Just as the back problem was brought fully under control in May I had a severe infection in my shoulder which stopped me from doing almost everything.

It was as this was sorted out I received a phone call asking me for a meeting in Prague regarding a Queen project that had been talked about for a very long time…… THE film. I met up with Bryan Singer in Prague at the beginning of August and was whisked off to London the next day, not knowing I was to spend the next 5 months there. I got time off for good behaviour twice, once for the Freddie birthday party in Montreux in September and the Freddie dinner in Holland in November.

Obviously I am not permitted to talk about specifics on the film as I have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement. I will however, talk with the producers to see what I might be able to talk about over the next month or two.

For today, let me tell you what I found missing……. The GLAMOUR of Hollywood! Filming lasted at least 10 ½ hours every day, and as this didn’t include the travelling to and from the set each day, not a lot of rest was available. If you remember, last summer and autumn weren’t the warmest and driest on record so walking through mud was a frequent occurrence.

On the other hand it was an incredibly emotional journey for me, seeing some scenes I was witness to in life developing in front of me.

Okay, enough of that for now. I will be getting some answers to questions you have asked together over the next week or two and look forward to posting them here soon.

Take care everyone!