Blog 25

39th Convention almost upon us! It will be good to meet up and talk with all those friends that make up this wonderful event. Most of the time this IS the only time in the year that we can meet up, even though there are so many things going on now all around the world, very few are able to get to everything.

There have been so many emails and people asking about the story in the papers last weekend regarding Princess Diana and Freddie.
Personally I think it will be a story very similar to the ‘dwarves walking round parties with bowls of cocaine on their heads.’ It is something that is believable and in peoples minds, possible, but didn’t actually happen. Freddie had very little to do with Kenny Everett after 1980 and he never actually met Princess Diana. The only royal Freddie was on first name terms with was H.R.H. Prince Andrew, who had to turn down Freddie’s invitation to go to the London club HEAVEN with himself and a mixed group of ballet dancers after a performance at the Royal Opera House.

Gustavo wanted to know if Freddie would approve of all the re-mixes done with his songs.
Originally I would have said no, after the comments he used to make in New York in the early 80s, when dj mixes were all the rage. They would annoy Freddie as he didn’t believe a total stranger would know better than the original artist how a song should sound, and they all sounded the same. Nowadays more care is taken with Freddie’s songs if they are to be re-released, not treated like meat in a sausage factory, so perhaps he wouldn’t mind so much.

Amy asked about the truth about Freddie beheading some flowers.
Yes, he did this one day when he was very annoyed with Jim, after they had had an argument and Jim had walked out and driven off somewhere. Freddie was sorry for his actions almost immediately afterwards, but it was too late of course. Amy also asked if Freddie was alive today where would he be living. Garden Lodge I think is the answer to that. It really was one of the great loves of his life.

Javier asked what Freddie’s favourite book was.
I think I have said before that I never actually saw Freddie reading a book. Freddie had an extremely short attention span which would not really let him get interested in a story if it would take more than an hour or two to read. His main reading material was Architectural Digest and auction catalogues. These he could pick up, read for a few minutes and discard as the mood took him. he enjoyed watching old films on tv because he knew that they would only take up a couple of houras of his time.

Edd wanted to know If Freddie had any idea who infected him with HIV/AIDS.
He never voiced any interest in that subject with me. There were too many variables involved. He didn’t know which country he was in at the time as touring took up so much of his time. He could be promiscuous at times, so would not be able to put it down to any one person. Also, most importantly once he knew he was ill, in his opinion he did not have time to waste on a subject that could not be solved.

Many of you have asked about Freddie’s faith, spirituality and religion.
He didn’t practice any religion. He never went to church or a temple in the 12 years I was working for him. That is not to say he did not have his own beliefs. He did not like the idea of organized religion where one person can tell millions what is right and what is wrong. He firmly believed we are all individuals and should do what is right for us. He never talked about religion in a group of friends, because he didn’t want to influence anyone one way or the other. He mentions the afterlife in a few interviews, though never 100% seriously. The one thing I do feel strongly is that Freddie was not really interested in things he could not influence after he was gone. He made his wishes regarding his music, friends and family plain before he died and just expected them to be fulfilled, as he wasn’t going to be around.

Petr wanted to know if Freddie could swim.
I never saw him swimming. When we were on a speed boat going around Ibiza, he stayed on board when others went into swim. He would always sit by a pool, never go in it. He did occasionally go into hot-tubs and the odd Jacuzzi, but that was really his limit.

Sam asked what Freddie’s favourite wine was.
After he discovered ‘Saint Saphorin’ on one of his visits to Switzerland, his wine cellar always had a large stock. He had cases imported from Vevey/Montreux where it is created.

Agata asked a really hard question – describe Freddie in 3 words
Ok here goes: Loyal, Generous and Kind. There are thousands of other words I could use, but those are the most important.

And for Kostas, you are right not to believe your friend; as far as I am aware Freddie never visited Greece for his holidays.

I wish you all a good week ahead and will be back to answer more next time!