• Press Release: Little Freddie Goes to School
    24/08/2015 Press Release: Little Freddie Goes to School


    Film Your Journey to Freddie's Party!
    21/08/2015 Film Your Journey to Freddie's Party!

    Where are you coming from?


    Freddie Mercury and Darth Vader by Tom Callins
    20/08/2015 Freddie Mercury and Darth Vader by Tom Callins


    Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party - Update: The Party Schedule!
    14/08/2015 Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party - Update: The Party Schedule!

    Let's Get It On!


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    Press Release: Little Freddie Goes to School


    A brand new song featuring vocals by Freddie Mercury

    PRESS RELEASE / NEW SINGLE a song by Stuart Leathem

    Little Freddie Goes to School

    A brand new song featuring vocals by Freddie Mercury…

    Coming 7th September 2015

    ‘Little Freddie Goes to School’ is a brand new track from Irish composer Stuart Leathem in which Leathem musically imagines a young Freddie Mercury’s journey to boarding school in India. The vocals on the verses are sung by Irish vocalist Esther Trousdale with Freddie’s voice taking the choruses.

    The song will receive a World Premiere at the Official Freddie Mercury Birthday Party at the Casino Barriere Montreux, Switzerland on Saturday 5th September, 2015 before going on worldwide release on Monday 7th September.

    The Casino is also the home of the Queen Studio Experience Montreux (

    The track samples two rare Freddie vocals taken from his original Barcelona sessions: 'When this old tired body wants to sing' - late night jam, and  'The Golden Boy' a cappella.

    The release will in part benefit The Mercury Phoenix Trust, the HIV AIDS charity set up in Freddie’s name following his death in 1991.

    “As a composer I don't write many songs, usually big modern-classical Mike Oldfield-type works”, explains Leathem. “I am however a big admirer of Freddie, especially his work as part of Queen, and was very lucky to call his old producer Dave Richards my friend."

    “It had always struck me how little he referenced his upbringing in his musical style. One could perhaps look at 'Mustapha' on the Jazz album but aside from that his childhood roots remained something closely guarded in every way."

     “I have the pleasure of working regularly with the wonderful vocalist in Esther Trousdale and I decided to write a song about Freddie's journey to boarding school in India, giving her the lead vocal. The initial idea was to fuse ethnic instrumentation with modern synthesis and create something quite different from anything Freddie himself composed (in terms of timbre)."

    “I was aware of the 'When This Old Tired Body....' track and loved the energy in Freddie's vocal. It seemed to fit perfectly with the piece I was creating and, when placed into the track it throws the listener backwards and forwards through Freddie's life at its tentative beginning, and near its end as he faced his illness."

     “Lyrically the song focuses on the person of Freddie Mercury, and the idiosyncrasies that made him so unique, right down to the unorthodox way in which he hammered the piano."

     “Essentially the track is a tribute to a shy boy who went on to achieve incredible things. It should also give the impression (just now and again) that the two vocalists are belting the song out on the same stage, with a wonderful Indian/Asian/Western fusion of musicians backing them."

    “It is an alternative tribute to a wonderful artist, and he contributes in unmistakable fashion."

     “I hope it makes people smile, and does some good for the MPT in the process.”

    10% of every purchase of the track will go to the work of the Mercury Phoenix Trust. Fighting AIDS worldwide since 1992.

    ‘Little Freddie Goes to School’

    Words & Music - Stuart Leathem/Freddie Mercury

    Vocals - Esther Trousdale featuring Freddie Mercury

    Freddie Mercury appears courtesy of Mercury Songs Ltd.

    "Little Freddie Goes To School" contains elements from “When This Old Tired Body Wants To Sing” (Mercury/Moran) and “The Golden Boy” (Mercury/Moran/Rice).  Published by Mercury Songs Ltd.  All rights reserved.

    Stuart Leathem is a composer based in Northern Ireland. His diverse work has earned him critical acclaim. He was recently honoured as guest composer at Oxford University, England and his ‘Café for Lost Souls & Other Works’ concert and companion album have also brought recent success. Keep up to date with Stuart and his work on Twitter @stuartleathem or at

    Esther Trousdale  is a classically trained vocalist from N Ireland. She is a member of the prestigious Ulster Youth Choir. Esther was thrown together with Stuart Leathem when they were both commissioned to produce a wedding song in 2013. She went onto sing lead vocals on Stuart's 'Café for Lost Souls' album and has earned acclaim for her vocals on his major works. Esther's versatility as a singer is evident in her contribution to this new track, 'Little Freddie Goes to School’.

    Film Your Journey to Freddie's Party!


    Where are you coming from?

    The Official Freddie Mercury Birthday Party in Montreux, Switzerland on September 5th is going to be a truly global event...with fans from over 30 different countries attending!

    With this amazing number of different nationalities traveling to the party, we are appealing to those of you making the trip to have some fun and document your journey to Montreux.

    Simply pull out your phone and film* (and take pictures!) of all aspects of your trip. For example; film packing your party gear at home, leaving your front door in your Freddie T-shirt, take a picture of the train station or airport you are leaving from, film from the window of your transport showing road signs from where you are to where you are going and, most of all, film your arrival in Montreux! Feel free to add commentary too!

    The idea being that we will gather up all this footage from you and compile something that will show the world wide reach of Freddie and his fans and highlighting the work of The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

    We can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Looking forward to seeing you all on the 5th.

    Team MPT

    * make sure you film horizontally - its easier to use in editing further down the line!

    For full details and to order your tickets click here!

    Freddie Mercury and Darth Vader by Tom Callins


    Available for the first time, Freddie Mercury riding on Darth Vader's shoulders, taken in Houston Texas in 1980 by photographer and Queen fan, Tom Callins. This amazing shot has been a huge internet hit over the years and is now available to buy as a signed, limited edition fine art print for the first time, exclusively through Modern Rocks Gallery in Austin Texas.

    For more information and to order click here

    Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party - Update: The Party Schedule!


    Let's Get It On!

    ***Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party - Update: The Party Schedule!***

    - Throughout the day: Justin Shirley Smith and Greg Brooks in The Queen Studio Experience*

    - 5.30pm Doors

    - 6.00pm Welcome speeches

    - 6.15pm Party introduction by Peter Freestone

    - 6.30pm Exclusive screening of Queen - Live at Hammersmith '75

    - 7.30pm Made In Heaven - Sunset in Montreux

    - 8.00pm Food

    - 9.30pm Live entertainment - Unrisen Queen

    - 11.00pm Let's Turn It On! (Disco: the party continues!)

    - 01.00am Carriages

    * The Queen Studio Experience is open publicly from 10.30am as normal. Throughout most of the day Queen's senior engineer / Co-Producer Justin Shirley Smith and band archivist Greg Brooks will be located in the Queen Studio Experience - so please come on down early, say "Hello!" and ask the guys some questions!

    Tombola - please note throughout the evening there will a Tombola table situated in the main party area offering the chance to win many Queen and rock n'roll related prizes.

    For full details and to buy tickets of the Official Freddie Mercury Birthday Party click here.

Queen Studio Experience In Support Of The MPT Now Open

Thanks to Cole Moreton, The Sunday Telegraph and Peter Hince



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