• Queen: Play The Game App
    27/05/2015 Queen: Play The Game App

    You can now explore the magic...


    Spend an Afternoon with Peter Freestone in Montreux
    19/05/2015 Spend an Afternoon with Peter Freestone in Montreux

    Join Phoebe for a very specia...


    Mercury Phoenix Trust Nepal Appeal Update: Message from Roger Taylor
    11/05/2015 Mercury Phoenix Trust Nepal Appeal Update: Message from Roger Taylor

    Nepal Urgently Needs Our Help


    Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party - Update
    07/05/2015 Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party - Update

    What to do in Mon...


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    Queen: Play The Game App


    You can now explore the magic of Queen in the band’s first official app!

    It's live! Queen's brand new and only official game is now available on both the Apple and Google app stores. Solve puzzles, complete trivia and win real-world Queen merchandise, all with Queen's original music.



    Queen: Play The Game is Queen’s first official app and is a digital puzzle and trivia game for smartphones and tablets. With beautiful imagery from Queen's official archive, re-sampled sounds from all the hits and many recordings you may not have heard, this is a truly unique Queen experience. Test your knowledge of the band, solve puzzles, unlock official artwork, discover new music and win real official Queen merchandise.

    This app contains thousands of images, music clips and facts from the official Queen archive. Complete sections of the game and you’ll also be entered into competitions to win real-world high-value packs of official Queen merchandise. The game runs on both Apple’s iOS operating system and Google’s Android so most modern smartphone and tablet users will be able to play.

    This game has everything for the Queen fan, young and old and evolves over time with new content and game modes added regularly. How much do you know about Queen's; songs, albums, tours, band members, producers, live gigs, studios, history, instruments, tastes etc? Whatever your level of knowledge you are sure to unlock some surprising facts about these most iconic of British rock bands.

    If you're a casual Queen fan, or indeed are just starting on your journey with their music, you will learn more about the band from this game than perhaps anywhere else.

    If you're already a seasoned expert, well there’s an entire expert mode, especially for you. Are you one of the few people on the planet that can complete the whole game on expert, first time through?

    Queen: Play The Game has been created by SoshiGames of Birmingham in the UK, a company focused on making games for artists and who worked very closely with Queen’s official archivist and management team. “It was very important for us to be able to use only official Queen imagery and the band’s incredible portfolio of music” says Cliff Dennett, CEO of SoshiGames. “We wanted to create an authentic and high-quality experience for the fans, befitting of a band with the stature of Queen”

    Greg Brooks is Queen’s official archivist and has curated a lot of the content used in the game. Greg remarks; “Queen: Play The Game presents a lot of imagery you may not have encountered before and in brand new puzzle formats. We submitted over 1,400 questions to Soshi, as well as a mass of imagery and they've presented the best of it in an inventive logical way – often in contexts you won’t expect”

    From launch, Queen: Play The Game spans across the history of the band, from the early days and the release of the first album, right up to ‘Made In Heaven’ and the band members’ solo projects. The app will grow as well, with new content and gameplay released on a regular basis, offering more ways to explore Queen and more ways to win cool official Queen prizes.

    More information @

    Spend an Afternoon with Peter Freestone in Montreux


    Join Phoebe for a very special event.

    On July 4 and October 3, spend an exclusive afternoon with Peter 'Phoebe' Freestone in Montreux - With a maximum of 30 people!

     Visit the Queen - The Studio Experience, see places Freddie liked and lived in, enjoy a 1-hour private cruise on the lake to see the Lake House and end the day with a personal chat with Phoebe!

    173€ per person.

    More information and tickets @

    Mercury Phoenix Trust Nepal Appeal Update: Message from Roger Taylor


    Nepal Urgently Needs Our Help


    Dear precious, valued supporters of The Mercury Phoenix Trust. 

    After a second major earthquake in Nepal our support for Prerana helping with young people at risk from HIV and STI in this tragically affected area becomes even more vital! Every bit helps, and we send our immense thanks and admiration to you for your kindness and humanity! At your service.......Roger T X 

    Please donate now @


    The Mercury Phoenix Trust urgently needs your support to help our friends at Prerana in Nepal, a local experienced NGO working on prevention for youths at risk of HIV & STI in the Kathmandu Valley. The Mercury Phoenix Trust has been supporting Prerana for over 10 years. Prerana’s awareness programmes have been disrupted and, along with many other local NGOs, they will be facing enormous challenges in the months to come.

    Disturbing reports from Nepal indicate that in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake while hundreds of thousands in poor rural communities are struggling to rebuild their lives, tens of thousands of young women are at risk of being abducted and forced into the sex trade. Taken to brothels, these girls are beaten, raped and infected with HIV. 

    Sajina from Prerana sent us this message:

    Thank you so much for your generosity and concern. Our entire team is very glad and thankful for all the efforts of MPT team. Through this regular communication you have supported us emotionally and morally to cope up all the difficulties. 

     It was a tragic moment where many of us became homeless and lossed our near and dear ones. But time moves on and so should we. This is a crucial stage where everyone should try their level best to help one another and boost up to stay strong and move forward. Quake survivors are having numerous problems physically and mentally. They are homeless, hungry , thirsty and at the same time they are disturbed mentally facing post traumatic disorder.

    It is heart wrenching to know that when whole nation is crying, human traffickers are busy in supplying sex trade. We are keenly interested about raising awareness to quake survivors regarding this issue. They are mentally disturbed, traumatized and are vulnerable to such cases. 

    Please help us to scale up the much needed awareness by donating to our Prerana Campaign @

    The Mercury Phoenix Trust has been supporting AIDS awareness charities in Nepal since 1996.

    Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party - Update


    What to do in Montreux...

    ***Freddie Mercury Official Birthday Party - Update***

    - What to do in Montreux... - 

    Are you joining us in Montreux for Freddie Mercury's Official Birthday Party? If so, why not make a proper weekend of it and enjoy some of the following attractions...

    Montreux Jazz Café / Funky Claude’s Bar 

    The perfect place to enjoy the company of Montreux residents and visitors from all over the world, any time of the day. To the non-stop rhythms of the greatest ever Montreux Jazz Festival concerts on the big screens, the Montreux Jazz Café reflects the intoxicating environment of the Festival both in its dishes and its décor. More information @

    Boat Trips

    The Lake of Geneva and its shores offer a thousand different facets, a thousand and one possibilities of escaping everyday life.  Board a CGN boat for a Gourmet cruise or a wonderful trip to Chillon Castle, Vevey, Le Bouveret, Lausanne or even to France. More information @

    Chillon Castle

    Chillon Castle, an architectural jewel located on the shores of Lake Geneva, right at the foot of the Alps. This monument with over 1000 years of history, has always inspired artists and writers, from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Victor Hugo and Lord Byron, from Delacroix to Courbet. More information @

    Montreux Lakeside

    Along the shores of Lake Geneva for almost seven kilometres, the flower-adorned banks of Montreux, between exotic flowers and palm trees, offer a sumptuous view of the mountain panorama. In September the “Encounters & Inspiration" route will be opened with benches dedicated to famous guests of Montreux. More information@

    Lavaux Vineyards 

    The Lavaux vineyards illustrate a thousand years of labour in order to produce a highly appreciated wine: Chasselas. Visitors can explore Lavaux on board one of the two little trains or on foot using the vineyard trails and stopping in a wine cellar somewhere for a well-earned break.  More information @

    Les Rochers-de-Naye 

    Above Montreux, the Rochers-de-Naye belvedere offers a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. Marmot’s Paradise, the Alpine Garden and Mongolian yurts deserve a discovery on the summit. More Information @


    For full details of Freddie's Official Birthday Party click here

    Already confirmed to contribute to the evening are... Freddie's former personal assistant Peter Freestone as compere for the evening, Queen's Official Queen Archivist and Queen Studio Experience curator Greg Brooks, plus Queen Senior Studio Engineer and Co-producer Justin Shirley-Smith.


Queen Studio Experience In Support Of The MPT Now Open

Thanks to Cole Moreton, The Sunday Telegraph and Peter Hince



I am pleased that I have the opportunity to tell you my Freddie Story within this new website.

It was late in the year 2006 on a very boring evening when I was zapping...

Hello and welcome to the new official Freddie Mercury website!


In 1974 I became aware of Queen because of the single "Killer Queen" and I was infected with the Queen virus due to the uniqueness of the voice and the emanation of Freddie Mercury. Because of my childlike age of 11 ...