SuperRare and MPT NFT Artworks - Auction Now Live

“You can do whatever you want with my work, just never make me boring.”

SuperRare and The Mercury Phoenix Trust announce four new NFT artworks celebrating Freddie Mercury’s 75th birthday!
The four NFTs are exclusively live via SuperRare ofor 75 hours @


Press Release: 

SuperRare and The Mercury Phoenix Trust announce four new NFT artworks celebrating Freddie Mercury’s 75th birthday - Live to collectors worldwide September 20, 2021

Proceeds will benefit the non-profit’s mission to fight AIDS worldwide

SuperRare, the leading digital art marketplace, and The Mercury Phoenix Trust announce the release of four new 1 of 1 NFT artworks inspired by the late frontman of the legendary band Queen to celebrate his 75th birthday. NFT works by artists Blake Kathryn, Chad Knight, Mat Maitland and MBSJQ will be offered beginning on September 20, 2021 with proceeds benefiting The Mercury Phoenix Trust, the non-profit founded in Freddie’s memory to help fight AIDS worldwide.

The collection has been curated by Six Agency. Georgio Constantinou, co-founder comments - “Six was honoured to curate an incredible collection of artists to celebrate the life and impact of Freddie Mercury. After meeting with the Mercury Phoenix Trust, we knew that if Freddie were alive today, he would be excited about the creative potential of the NFT space”

As well as inspiring countless generations through his flamboyant persona, four-octave vocal range and timeless song writing, Freddie Mercury was well known for his love of all forms of art. Before embarking on his musical career, he attained a degree in graphic art and design (in 1969) and later in life became an avid collector of classical and contemporary art and glass works. In addition, he was recognized as having what experts considered one of the finest collections of Japanese antique woodblock prints.

Freddie Mercury left a very simple creative brief to the world on his passing. “You can do whatever you want with my work, just never make me boring.” This simple brief was given to four digital artists as the inspiration for each to create NFT artworks inspired by different aspects of Freddie’s beloved persona. The resulting collection takes Freddie’s legacy to the cutting edge of artistic activity... and thus Never Boring.

The four NFTs will be available exclusively as a timed auction via SuperRare on 20th September 2021 at 0800 hrs for 75 hours.

Collection will be available to view here:


"Freddie's sanctuary was his garden lodge, which had an eclectic range of decor though first and foremost a deep-rooted love for classic Victorian touches with a Japanese influence." Blake Kathryn


"For this piece, I wanted to capture his larger-than-life presence. Freddie was such a huge persona that I don't know how his spirit even fit into a human body." - Chad Knight 


"For my piece, I wanted to draw inspiration from Freddie the man, rather than his stage craft and performance prowess." Mat Maitland


"I wanted to include iconic moments on stage within the photo frames, I think this supports the overall theme of, the show must go on." Made By Studio JQ