Peter Freestone Re-Launches The TFA Project in Prague

"Milan Satnik, who created the TFA (Titanic Freddie AIDS) Project, and I attended a press conference in Prague at the re-launch of this project aimed mainly at schools to make the students aware of the still very present dangers of HIV/AIDS. It was somewhat unnerving to be sitting in front of the country's assembled press corps. We were joined by Ninety-Two Productions, who provide all the audio/visual aspects, including graphics, for the project, Mr. Lubos Prochaska, who led the conference and also Carbon Design, who have been very generous in providing all the audio/visual equipment to be used in schools, therefore greatly reducing the cost of the presentations. We are very happy to be helping the Mercury Phoenix Trust in their mission to taking awareness of this disease to all people who can be at risk."

Peter Freestone, January 2019

The TFA Project

TITANIC FREDDIE AIDS is a unique lecture created by Czech singer, Milan Satnik. It describes a parallel of two world-famous "giants", the Titanic – the unsinkable ocean ship and Freddie Mercury – the phenomenal rock legend. Milan invited Freddie Mercury's former personal assistant, Mr. Peter Freestone to this project, to tell the sad and tragic story about how the world's legend was infected with the HIV virus until the point where Freddie was dying. This project is marked "without censorship". How else to impart information about a disease that has not yet been cured and still kills.

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