ACM Freddie Mercury Scholar Vez Maxwell Releases her Debut Single

Summer is coming to an end and my debut single has finally arrived. ‘Every Time’ features two tracks, with the additional track called ‘Hide My Name’. 

‘Every Time’ is an uptempo pop rock tune about the struggles of trust and doubt in the beginnings of developing feelings for someone. I’m sure anyone can relate to that feeling of insecurity when some people enter their lives after someone else did so a while back and left them feeling worn. I came up with the initial riff to this song whilst me and Patch (producer) were actually trying to write a silly joke song about Tinder! 

‘Hide My Name’ is a slower song about a couple where one of the characters of the song is already in another relationship. Though the song is sung in the first person, it isn’t about me. The inspiration for this song came from a story a friend was telling me, and I thought ‘Hide My Name’ sounded like a good song title and a worthy story to follow. I actually came up with most of the song melody whilst I was in the shower and had to keep doing towel runs to record parts into my phone before I forgot them. The lyrics aren’t your typical ‘he cheated on me’, as it is meant to depict the view of the mistress - not to glorify it in any way, but rather tell a story in a song from a view that isn’t regularly explored.

It’s been a really exciting project to work on, and I have more releases ready to follow after this one with the music videos coming soon as well. I’ve been extremely lucky to work on it with such talented people and I'm excited for all to come.



‘Every Time’ & ‘Hide My Name’ are both available now on major platforms including Spotify and iTunes.