Blog 14

After so long….. I’M BACK!! Sorry for the disappearing act, but life took a very busy turn! Anyway onwards…

Abbie asked about habits, good or bad.
Thinking back over the years I can’t find any that really was annoying. Perhaps the fact that Freddie never wanted his car parked outside of where he was going, it always had to be parked about 50 yards away. That way Freddie thought no-one would know where he was. The problem he never saw was that everyone knew this, and always knew exactly where he was, because of where his car was parked.

Kristen asked about arguments with Freddie.
No-one in this world can spend their lives together like Freddie and I did without having some disagreements. The great thing about Freddie was that he expected his friends to say what they felt. Freddie might not agree and an argument might develop, but as soon as the conversation was finished, any disagreement would also be forgotten. Freddie never held anything against his friends; business was different as shown with the Sheffield brothers.

Andy wondered if Freddie thought about what would happen after he was gone and if he discussed it.
I think Freddie had enough to think about for his present, rather than think about what would happen in the future. He never discussed with me what would happen, for himself, I don’t think he cared too much as he wouldn’t be around. He knew things would be “taken care of”, by the people around him. He did give thought for the rest of the band as he spent most of his last year recording what he could for them. Maybe he spoke with the band members, but I wasn’t privy to those conversations.

Gabriel asked about the happiest moment with Freddie.
This is an incredibly difficult question to answer as there were so many occasions. I suppose one that stands out for me was when we were in the control room at the Townhouse Studios and Montserrat had just recorded her vocals for the first time on the Barcelona track. There were tears in Freddie’s eyes when he said that he had the greatest voice in the world singing his music. He was so proud and amazed at the same time.

Adriana asked about Freddie and relaxation.
Freddie and relaxation are not really two words that go together in one sentence. Freddie was one of the most hyper active people I have ever met. He got bored very quickly and hated wasting time. The nearest to relaxation would have been when he would look at house and decoration magazines, also auction catalogues, but that would soon lead to walking round the house to see where new acquisitions would go!

Alex asked about a typical Saturday for Freddie.
Firstly you must realise that everyday was the same for Freddie. Weekends were no different to any other day, except that the shops, bars and clubs would close earlier on a Sunday. Whether touring or recording, one day merged into the next.

Tracy asked a question about me!
Yes, I have often thought about returning to Ooty in India. It was where I spent five years in a boarding school as a child, and where I learned, just as Freddie did, about an independent life away from family. It is where we found out about true friends and their importance in life.

Eric wanted to know if Freddie would use the ‘social media’ that is around today.
I think in one word NO! In Freddie’s mind his life would be too boring to fill other people’s lives. How many times could he write… go shopping….. in the studio…… did a show….. I know these are all precious moments for everybody else, but they were everyday occurrences to him. Also he wouldn’t want to tell anyone how to live their lives. He knew how fans followed the band and their music, which is why he said that his music was disposable; he didn’t want people to base their lives around something he had written down.

Kevin wanted to know about Freddie’s charisma.
It was always there. It wasn’t something he could turn on and off. He didn’t try to make his presence felt, it was just there. He wasn’t a big person, but when he walked into a room, all heads would turn; they just felt ‘someone’ was there.

Rocio asked about Freddie’s presence now.
Maybe I don’t feel him next to me 24 hours a day like I used to, but I do feel he is keeping an eye on what I do, most of the time laughing at some of the situations I get myself into. I’m sure, if you ask anyone who was close to Freddie at any time during their lives, they would admit to the same feelings.
I know I haven’t put all the names of people who have asked similar questions to those that I have answered, but please believe me, I am reading all the questions sent.

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