I’m quite happy that a few events coming up in my diary will give me the chance to talk about HIV/AIDS awareness. I will definitely be at the Dresden HOPE Gala next month and there are a few meetings happening … Continue reading


I was lucky enough to be in Sydney, Australia on the 5th of September and spent a memorable few hours joining in what was a great party at the Hard Rock Café. All the staff got into the FFAD atmosphere … Continue reading


I hope everything is going well with your plans for Freddie For A Day. At this moment I’m not sure where I will be, waiting to find out. Make sure whatever you do, you enjoy yourself. It is after all … Continue reading


Why does time fly by so quickly? It’s not as though I’m just enjoying myself, there are so many different things I am involved with, that require real concentration and effort. FFAD is just over the horizon. I hope all … Continue reading


Finally, I hear some of you saying. Sorry for the negligence over the last few weeks, things at home just sort of piled up and it took a while to dig myself out from underneath it all. Thanks for all … Continue reading


Finally I am at my computer having sort of got over the jet-lag from my last trip. CZ, Montreux, Mexico and back to CZ visited over the last couple of weeks. My time in Mexico was absolutely wonderful and I … Continue reading


Sorry for last weeks absence, computer problems. Having spent the first half of my life without computers, mobile phones and all the modern technology, I find it amazing how much we rely on these things now. Paul asked if Freddie … Continue reading


I think it is time to go back and pick some questions from a while ago. If I haven’t responded to someone’s question, it doesn’t mean I am ignoring it, there are many, many questions still to be answered. Betty … Continue reading


After a time to charge my batteries, I’m off for the first trip this year. I will be in Bielefeld this weekend where they are doing various exhibitions and events in local museums. It should be interesting. I will be … Continue reading


You know the old saying ‘time flies when you are enjoying yourself’, well I didn’t realise what a great time I’ve been having, because time has really flown by this last week. There are a few things appearing on the … Continue reading