Finally I am at my computer having sort of got over the jet-lag from my last trip. CZ, Montreux, Mexico and back to CZ visited over the last couple of weeks. My time in Mexico was absolutely wonderful and I … Continue reading


Sorry for last weeks absence, computer problems. Having spent the first half of my life without computers, mobile phones and all the modern technology, I find it amazing how much we rely on these things now. Paul asked if Freddie … Continue reading


I think it is time to go back and pick some questions from a while ago. If I haven’t responded to someone’s question, it doesn’t mean I am ignoring it, there are many, many questions still to be answered. Betty … Continue reading


After a time to charge my batteries, I’m off for the first trip this year. I will be in Bielefeld this weekend where they are doing various exhibitions and events in local museums. It should be interesting. I will be … Continue reading


You know the old saying ‘time flies when you are enjoying yourself’, well I didn’t realise what a great time I’ve been having, because time has really flown by this last week. There are a few things appearing on the … Continue reading


To follow on from last week, the guys in the band competition got the ‘audience prize’, I was so proud of them. I don’t know about you, but at the moment days are going by so quickly I don’t know … Continue reading


It was a weekend full of memories. A friend came and visited and out came many photos of my past, obviously including my 12 years working for Queen and then Freddie. It made me realise what an amazing life I … Continue reading


I was reminded last week about the great loyalty Queen had to those who were close to them, whether for work, touring, recording etc, and in their private lives. Once they found people who they trusted, the people were there … Continue reading


I hope this finds you all well. I am already feeling nervous about my prospective visit to the dentist tomorrow for my 6 monthly check-up. It’s strange; a dentist is a doctor who takes care of your teeth, just as … Continue reading


Patrik, Matt and John have kept me really busy going through all the spam mails they have been sending over the last few days. I’m happy they have all this time on their hands. The sun is shining and I’m … Continue reading